Intellectual Property & Technology Transactions

IP and Technology Transactions

We handle all of the myriad types of transactions in the fields of intellectual property and technology law.

Software & Technology Licensing. The Firm represents developers across the globe in matters involving the creation, licensing, and monetization of software and technology solutions. Our attorneys provide guidance and advice in both traditional and emerging technology-related industries, such as biotechnology, digital media and online advertising, telemedicine, virtual and augmented reality, penetration and security testing, gaming consoles, and mobile app development.

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances. Content producers and publishers frequently leverage third party business relationships to produce more robust, complex, and cutting-edge solutions. Our team facilitates these relationships by structuring and negotiating joint ventures and strategic alliances between technology solution providers, and guiding the companies as they produce, re-purpose, license, and monetize the resulting intellectual property.

Trademark, Copyright Registration & Enforcement. The registration of intellectual property should be of paramount importance to every technology solution provider. The Firm has handled hundreds of matters involving the registration and protection of intellectual property, including maters before the United States Copyright Office, the United States Patent & Trademark Office, and various other regulatory authorities, including those subject to the Madrid Protocol and the Berne Convention. The Firm has aided clients nationwide in the enforcement of their intellectual properties by commencing, when necessary, federal court litigation, arbitration, and/or mediation.

Brand Management. We advise clients worldwide on creating, protecting, enforcing, and monetizing their brand portfolios. Although we represent dozens of technology solution providers in their efforts to augment and leverage the value of their brands, our brand management experience goes well beyond traditional technology providers, and includes clients in the fields of cosmetics, men’s clothing and shoe production, nutraceutical production, health care, electronic surveillance systems, and physical fitness and rehabilitation clinics. Each of our clients requires unique and specific strategies to ensure that their brands are registered, protected, and enforced, and we have provided those strategies to clients nationwide since the Firm’s inception.

Trade Secret Protection & Disputes. We represent clients nationwide who seek to protect and enforce their trade secrets. The Firm has significant experience litigating and arbitrating matters involving the creation, protection, and use of trade secrets, in industries involving digital media and online publishing, software development, hardware and semi-conductor production and sales, medical billing services, nutraceutical production, and health care and physical rehabilitation clinics. We advise clients nationwide on best practices to determine the scope of their trade secrets, and how to best protect and maintain their trade secrets while simultaneously leveraging and monetizing the value of their trade secrets.

Privacy & Data Security. The Firm advises clients nationwide on issues involving employer/employee privacy rights, workplace privacy and data security regulations, data protection regulations and directives in the United States including HIPAA-related privacy regulations, Sarbanes Oxley-related privacy and security matters, and Gramm Leach Bliley-related privacy and security matters. The Firm also represents white hat hackers and penetration testing companies, as well as companies that create software and hardware tools that are used in PCI scanning and testing procedures. The Firm also drafts privacy and disaster recovery plans for corporations that require such plans for regulatory compliance, contractual, or insurance purposes.

Website and Marketing Material Audits. The Firm conducts comprehensive audits of its clients’ websites, sales and marketing materials to identify compliance-related deficiencies, as well as intellectual property and branding-related issues. Through an audit, non-compliant content, as well as trademark or copyright deficiencies can be quickly identified and remedied, helping the Firm’s clients remain compliant with industry-specific regulations, ADA requirements, and myriad state and federal consumer protection laws. The Firm’s audits have been used successfully by its clients to comply with regulatory requirements, and to guard against inquiries from various state attorneys general.