Managed Service Providers, OEMs & VARs

The Firm counsels dozens of managed service providers located throughout the United States in areas such as master service agreements & scopes of work, upstream & downstream vendor agreements, reseller transactions, licensing transactions, and OEM & VAR transactions.

  • Cloud Computing
  • As-a-Service Platforms
  • Supply & Distribution Agreements
  • Upstream & Downstream Vendor Agreements
  • OEM / VAR Transactions
  • Reseller Transactions
  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Transactions

Brad Gross, the Firm's managing partner (and a programmer since the age of 10), lectures extensively and globally concerning the special needs and legal obstacles confronting MSPs, and advises MSPs on a daily basis about the issues that they need to consider, including Intellectual Property, Corporate Structuring and Strategy, Master & Service Level Agreements, Privacy in the Mobile and Digital World, "Bring Your Own Device" policies and procedures, Support & Warranty Service Contracts, and more.

"Simply put, no other law firm has the background, depth of experience and credibility that we bring to the table when negotiating agreements and structuring deals on behalf of your company."
--Brad Gross, Managing Partner