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Like No Other! We are former programmers and technology geeks that became lawyers, so we understand the technology, media and intangible property that your company develops, licenses, and needs to protect. We speak your language: technology, media, brand promotion, cloud computing, cross-platform integration, intellectual property licensing, online UX—we’ve done it all, so we can better understand your company’s needs and goals.

Brad Gross

Upcoming Appearances

  • Pax8 Academy (Pax 8) – San Diego, CA (February 5-8)
  • WTF (What the Function) Wednesdays (EverythingMSP) – online only (please message us if you’d like to attend)
  • Taste of Success (ASCII event) – Atlanta, GA (March 5-6)
  • Taste of Success (ASCII event) – New Orleans, LA (April 24-25)
  • Pax8 Beyond (Pax8) Denver, CO (June 10, 11)
  • Taste of Success (ASCII event) – Raleigh, North Carolina (June 18, 19)
  • Taste of Success (ASCII event) – Indianapolis, IN (July 16, 17)