Managed Service Providers

We have been representing MSPs for more than 15 years—longer than most law firms have been in existence.  Our office represents well over 100 MSPs–more than any law firm that we have ever heard of.  So why is this important to you?

Because it means that we understand your business.  We understand the technology you offer, the services you sell (and resell), and the issues that your MSP faces on a daily basis.

We know, for example, that your master service agreement is a hodgepodge of legal terms, deliverable descriptions, and marketing fluff that was pieced together by someone in your company—maybe you—many years ago. You’re unsure whether it adequately protects your company—and it probably doesn’t.

Or maybe you fit into the category of MSPs that “borrowed” its contracts from another MSP or service provider.  In the back of your mind, however, you still have worries—and you should.  Who wrote that agreement?   How do you know it’s enforceable?  How do you know it covers everything it needs to cover?

Perhaps you received your master agreement from a template-type service, such as a “pre-paid legal” service, that purports to be staffed with “experienced IT attorneys.”   News flash: The experience level of many of the attorneys providing MSP-related advice, even some of the most highly touted pre-paid services, is low at best. These services are often staffed with real estate attorneys or corporate attorneys who understand computers, but have no significant experience dealing with the issues facing MSPs on a daily basis.

There’s a reason why we are asked to speak at dozens of MSP-related events throughout the country every year.  There’s a reason why we are the “go-to” law firm for hundreds of MSPs of all sizes.  There’s a reason why no law firm has written and spoken on topics directly impacting MSPs more than we have.

Call us, and discover the reason for yourself.