More Info: Online Advertising & FTC Enforcement Actions

Online Marketing Law; Website Audits & Opinions

Your website likely falls under the jurisdiction of every state attorney general in the United States, as well as the FTC and various other federal regulatory authorities. If you fail to comply with ever-changing regulatory and consumer protection laws, your site can be shut down, your records can be seized, your assets can be frozen, and your business can suffer irreparable harm. The damage doesn’t stop there: Government-initiated investigations often lead to nationwide civil matters, including class action lawsuits.

A legal audit is the best way to ensure that your website comports with all relevant federal and state laws. The Firm performs legal audits for dozens of websites each year for companies involved in email marketing campaigns, online event and product promotions, negative option plans, online consumer product sales, online nutraceutical / dietary supplement sales, lead generator relationships, and affiliate network relationships.

Our audits also include a full legal review and analysis of all text, graphics, pictures, sounds, service marks, trademarks and copyrighted material on your site, which can help detect and correct licensing problems before they become the basis of a state or federal lawsuit.

Armed with an audit from our Firm, you’ll be in the best position to ensure that your website stays off the radar screens of regulatory and prosecutorial agencies nationwide.

  • Does your website fully comply with federal and state regulatory and consumer protection laws?
  • Does your site have sufficiently clear and conspicuous disclaimers, and are those disclaimers in the right place?
  • Are you handling your visitors’ personal information in accordance with federal and state privacy laws?
  • Are all of the graphics and text on your site properly licensed?
  • Are you prepared to demonstrate the legitimacy of endorsements that appear on your website?

Call us and ask about our website auditing services, and start protecting your company’s online presence today.